Terrifying New Record Achieved In Humanity's Quest To Manufacture A Literal Star | Defector (Defector)
The Sun, the star that gives life and light to our stupid planet and whose gravity gives shape to our solar system—a 900,000 mile-wide eyeball-searingly bright cinder fueled by the unfathomable energy produced by the incomprehensibly violent explosion that birthed the entire damn universe—burns at its core at a temperature of about 27 million degrees […]

Damian Lillard Is A Waking Nightmare | Defector (Defector)
When Lillard fully enters Dame Time—which does not involve him cynically baiting defenders into fouls on the perimeter, or meticulously crafting open looks through the offense, or wildly attacking the rim and hoping for the best—there is no meaner sight in sports. There's just a guy, pulling up from 25–35 feet over and over and over again, making shots that nobody can do a single thing to stop.