The pantheon of Things The Internet Does Not Hate is pretty hard to join. Cats, for whatever reason, have always been on this list. Certain entertainment enters and exits over time. Arrested Development (it’s coming back!!), for instance. Downton Abbey is another. The most relatable (at least to me) is Community. (And I wish I could say favorite, but, come on, Arrested Development!)

Maybe it isn’t actually on the aforementioned list. It could be a product of my own filter bubble, but I see it that way all the same. It deftly fills several sitcom tropes (gang of misfits, will-they-won’t-they, school stereotypes) and at the same time deftly undermines them (misfits actually center of attention, “will-they-won’t-they” is actually “yeah, they have for a while”, the term “school” is pretty loosely applied to Greendale). The first season of the show nails the vibe of a community college for anyone who has ever attended one. And oh the meta humor. Multiple timelines, homages galore, anus flags. Señor Chang, otherwise known as EL TIGRE CHINO, BECAUSE HIS KNOWLEDGE WILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF.

At its best, Community will tire you with laughter, and make you feel better for being a proverbial outsider.

At worst, it will bridge the yawning gap of midwinter from 30 Rock (RIP) to Arrested Development. (or Venture Brothers! or Game of Thrones! Crap there is a lot of TV to watch) (and a lot of parentheses in this post)


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