It’s quaint that after all those years of having to memorize and change and rememorize passwords, the better option might be an actual key.

It was summed up best in xkcd:xkcd: Password strength

Two factor authentication is finally moving beyond this problem for the average consumer. It is the fancy term for using something you know along with something you have to gain access to online accounts. It is a case of tech finally catching up to a fairly normal part of everyday life. I can see it becoming ubiquitous once Chrome adopts it.

It reminds me of a sci-fi trope (I believe I originally encountered in Animorphs – I’m a 90’s kid) where the alien civilization invented books long after developing their version of the internet. They can’t understand why the internet would be superior, because books offer the same knowledge with instantaneous access. You don’t get access to your house by knocking on the door and saying “correct horse battery staple” for the same reason.

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