Toddler Media Diet

The little man is starting to have strong opinions about what we play and read and listen to and watch. And while I have been able to steer his tastes in the past, he has started making his own picks too.

Sometimes I can steer those as well; he likes the newest Thor and Spider-Man movies, and we got him a 12-inch tall Hulk action figure that he treats like a baby doll.

Sometimes he misses big. He found and made us watch a Netflix show that appears to be just a GoPro mounted on the front of a passenger train through Norway. It is 7 hours long.

But his most recent pick is a winner. It’s called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and it is basically a French CG mix of Sailor Moon and Spider-Man. It has the odd rhythm of a dubbed show, and he loves the repetitious transformation sequences. I appreciate a show like this being given some production value, and we can’t wait to start season 2 which dropped this week.

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  1. Satisfying an itch I’ve had for a while, I am working on migrating the back end of from Known back to WordPress. I love Known, but this has been a long time coming. It’s probably my own fault for migrating 6 weeks before becoming a new dad (and taking on more at work), but I thought I would have more time to familiarize myself with the inner workings of the platform, to tinker and break things and fix them. I decidedly did not, so I’m heading back to the familiarity of WordPress.
    When I initially migrated, Known had a lot of the Indieweb elements baked in (webmention, early micropub, post formats, etc), and the WP plugins lagged a bit behind. Now they are caught up, while Known development has slowed significantly. I feel a bit like part of the problem, since I’m not sticking with it. But I also do not currently have the time nor patience to figure out how to modify mySQL elements, or maintain URL rewrite rules and .htaccess files. I need to step back into a platform where I don’t have to worry about nuts and bolts, and customizing basic/intermediate elements is taken care of in a GUI.
    I’m doing the migration manually, post by post. Known exported as RSS, and I was able to import that to start (WP’s built-in RSS importer threw errors, so I had to use this). This method created a lot of formatting issues with line feeds, lists, etc., which is why I am doing each post individually. This gives me a chance to review some old posts I forgot about, and also the ability to idly update posts during down time at work (the network there is extremely locked down, and would not allow external SSH/FTP connections).
    The current WP install is at I’ll probably keep the Known install, and figure out a subdomain for that when I am ready to switch the two.
    In the meantime, back to your regularly scheduled children’s television and Deadpool action figure content.

  2. (and 2017 as well)
    What a year(s) it has been. Even if I had written a year in review post for 2017, 2018 still felt like it was five and a half years. But, like 2017, I do not feel like writing one of these posts this year. Maybe it is because it is not as fun as it used to be. Maybe it is because all the things I would put here are already posted, categorized neatly without the need for an EOY summary.
    The major theme for me of the past 1-2 years is that I feel like I could not keep up. Everything moved fast, and seemed to constantly accelerate. Professional responsibilities changed, which was exciting and harrowing. Our toddler is a big kid, to the point where he wants to do everything but can’t just yet. The world at large seems to hurdle between inspiration and death spiral, practically minute to minute.
    So I’m going to use some of the scrum training we got this year for a full-blown retrospective.1

    what went well
    I enjoyed sharing my interests with our son. He is old enough to follow and play Telltale Lego games, and enjoys Lego Batman, the Incredibles, and playing as Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. There was also at least one occasion where he got multiple KO’s in Smash.
    We were able to sell our house after failing to do so 3 years ago. It was a great starter house, but it was on the verge of becoming a burden, and now it is someone else’s problem.
    I am fairly sure I have not logged in to Facebook in 8-10 months. My wife finally got around to deleting her account – it is probably time for me to do the same.
    what didn’t go well
    I am consistently depressed by the state of America writ large, and unsure of how to improve it, which feeds the depression because I then feel complicit in the problem. This goes back to recognizing privilege.
    what to improve
    On a personal level, I need to address my more materialistic urges. I have plenty, and am due for a major konmari.
    I spend a lot of free time consuming things, and need to find a project where I can make something instead.
    I also need to keep up with the journal habit. In 2017 I filled 9 or 10 pocket notebooks, but only did 3 or 4 in 2018. I’ve picked it back up for this first week of 2019, and I already have a much clearer head.
    On a larger scale, I need to figure out how to engage with my community. It’s hard to find the time and energy and cause, but I still need to get out of my shell and help once in a while.
    for now…
    I will go drink a beer with a picture of a fish on it, and do some dad things.
    This is the most I’ve written in a long time – need to get back in this habit too.

    For media picks, here is my year in movies. Best games were Breath of the Wild and Smash Bros Ultimate. I am still listening to Masseduction and Everything Now – not sure there was any new music in 2018.

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