The Hold Steady at Thalia Hall, 24 Aug 2019

This was our third Hold Steady show. First one was the Pitchfork Music Festival in 2008, and second was in Indianapolis in 2014.

The Hold Steady has been my go-to since early college, and it has aged much better than other favorites from that time. I maintain that had I not been listening to their first 3 albums on continuous loop for the last 72 hours before finals, I would not have completed my microcontrollers class project and would have failed out of college. Same went the next semester with compilers class. Saved by Barfruit Blues and A Multitude of Casualties.

My only note was that I was looking forward to hearing “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night”, and did not, maybe because it was their first of 3 nights in Chicago and they hadn’t been in Chicago last night. I did enjoy their cover of the opening band’s song “Fresh Pope.”

Raising toasts to Saint Joe Strummer
What the hell, I’ll tell my story again
The setlist

(I have published this far, far after the fact because I am a busy person, but this needed to be logged at the correct time for posterity.)

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  1. Since college, this has been my go-to listening during crunch time. From the microcontroller final class project to my current job, it has yet to fail me. Just helped me get through another tight schedule.


    It only seems to work if I listen to the whole thing, but once the piano outro starts in β€œHow A Resurrection Really Feels”, my work is done.

    I have never met a hoodrat. I have never drank gin from a jam jar, let alone in an emergency room. Never been shaken or stirred in a dirty storefront church. Chicago has never seemed tired to me. Still, the album speaks to me.

    Everyone seems to have a go-to for this situation. If for some reason you need one, you cannot go wrong with Separation Sunday.