In late December 2009 I was playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion in my college apartment, and got into a spat with my girlfriend, who was disappointed that I was spending money on games and not thinking about the future. That capped off the previous decade.

From there, I got a ring proposed in March, graduated college the next December, got a job and got married in 2011, got Charlie in 2012, bought a house in 2013, had a kid in 2015, moved and helped Jessie start law school also in 2015. Most of the rest can be pieced together from previous years-in-review. Basically, we have all come a long way, and it has been a great decade.

2019 has been a hectic and fulfilling year, both professionally and personally. At work we are nearing production release for our first Agile-led project. At home, we are adjusting to Jessie graduating, passing the bar, and becoming a lawyer. We are capping it off by buying a house, but that is going to be a 2020 story.

Best tweets of 2019, sort of by date

(I’ll probably do a decade tweet retrospective later)

 Music and Media

There were only 2 songs worth keeping on repeat for most of the year. They are:

Denver Haircut by the Hold Steady

Sunflower by Vampire Weekend

I did not see many movies, but these were the best ones that I did see. Here’s my decade list – still a work in progress

Best TV of the year, in my opinion, was The Good Place, Game of Thrones final season, The Witcher, and Good Omens.


My goals and resolutions for the new year will be close to the same as last year. I need to connect with my community, and I need to stick with my good habits. Here is a sampling of those – I made good on getting thrifty on lunch, but not quite on the notebooking habit. I dropped off on drinking water instead of coffee/soda. I also started reading a lot more when I figured out the login to my library’s ebook lending program.

Here’s to another one

Will be enjoying a coffee porter from a local brewery and going to bed early. Midnight is for suckers.

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