I understand the concept of Nest’s seasonal savings program. I also know better than a data center whether I would like to my house to be 66 degrees in winter. There is a reason I have never set the temp that low, Google! πŸ₯Ά

Saw a Nissan Leaf with a Trump bumper sticker on my commute home today. An hour later, I am still processing this experience

-Close only counts in horse grenades.
-Well, when you are playing horseshoes, and you throw your grenade at the horse, you don’t have to get that close to the horse to blow its legs off.
– …
-It is a saying from that movie, Seabiscuit.
Problems with smartphones, as with so many things in life, are seemingly always user error. Nobody has an innate ability to operate such advanced technology unless they were drawn in a comic book or something. It is why you still see those people labelled holdouts because of their refusal to upgrade from their clamshell Nokia, and why “dumbphone” is a word now.

They don’t see the potential in their smartphone the way I do. All the things it can do and will soon be able to do. Connections to be made, data to be remembered or shared. It is how I communicate with the world outside my immediate vicinity, and occasionally within it. Smartphones have broken the fourth wall of reality, and the world can never go back to the way things were.

Unless you have an iPhone. That UI is old as hell.

she said “it’s good to see you back in a bar band baby.” i said “its great to see you’re still in the bars”
ready for another weekend