Data Science Applied to Wearables: Can Your Watch Help You Improve Your Lifestyle? (Open Data Science – Your News Source for AI, Machine Learning & more)

Activity trackers have made the inner workings of our bodies accessible to anyone…,Your wearable is collecting data constantly. How do you apply data science to your wearable for things like sleep, activity, and heartrate?

references for how to get (and what to do with) your own Fitbit data

Getting into bad habits with the bookmarks again. Here are all the open links on my mobile browsers.

In mobile Chrome, a collection of reference material and biting essays:

In mobile Firefox, an aspirational reading list and unread items from my feed:

just got an email from a retailer where I ordered someone a gift that begun "Having trouble submitting your review?" I definitely didn’t order goddamn homework

Moving the blog to Known has been in the back of my mind for a while now, so I finally pulled the trigger. This has been a fun weekend project, now spilling into Tuesday. WordPress maintenance has become too cumbersome for my needs, and Known has been a breath of fresh air. Some notes from my experience:

  • Invaluable installation instructions in the Known documentation, as well as here. The only issue I kept having was where to place the uploads directory, and how to point to it.
  • Really, reeealy looking forward to importing my old blog content here. I know that WordPress import is on the horizon, and I forsee it bringing a large influx of personal sites to their hosted service.
  • I love that the functionality works out of the box.
  • Chrome handles it very well on Android, but I need to play around with it more to figure out how to reply. Almost needs to be its own app…
  • Facebook thinks I am a robot when I try to setup POSSE here, even after I answer a captcha and verify my mobile phone. So they don’t get to see any of these posts.

I have not written many posts lately, as evidenced by my WordPress page (currently at Hopefully this refresh will kickstart some creativity.

Oberon Day is Canadian for “Beer Christmas” with Jessamine – View on Path.

Dear March, go f—k yourself. Love, Indiana