The Technium: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice (
some good rules of thumb here. my favorites:

  • Promptness is a sign of respect.
  • Trust me: there is no “them”.
  • Art is in what you leave out.
  • Pros are just amateurs who know how to cover their mistakes.
  • Separate the processes of creation from improving. You can’t write and edit, or sculpt and polish, or make and analyze at the same time. If you do, the editor stops the creator. While you invent, don’t select. While you sketch, don’t inspect. While you write the first draft, don’t reflect. At the start, the creator mind must be unleashed from judgement.
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Yes, America is burning, and it has always been burning.
And then, in the middle of a pandemic and a financial crisis, with millions of people suddenly out of work and unable to so much as greet each other for fear of contracting a deadly illness, a Minneapolis Police Officer called Derek Chauvin ho…

Reply to Chris Aldrich “How to Own & Display Your Twitter Archive on Your Website in Under 10 Minutes” by john john (John's World Wide Wall Display)

How to Own & Display Your Twitter Archive on Your Website in Under 10 Minutes by Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko) As part of my evolving IndieWeb experience of owning all of my own internet-based social data, last year I wanted a “quick and dirty” method for owning and displaying all of my Twitter activity before embarking on a more comprehensive method of owning all of my past tweets in a much more compreh…
Chris,rather a late reply but it might be of interest,  I’ve been using Martin Hawksey‘s twitter archiver for a while now. This archived my tweets to Google Drive and made them available online:  Keeping your Twitter Archive fresh and freely hosted on Github Pages – MASHe
i take it a step further by pulling to my local drive and ‘ftp pushing’ to my site:
Pushing and Pulling the Twitter Archive
This keeps my archive up to date on a daily basis withou any work on my part here:  Your Twitter archive

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