Putting the Soul in Console by an author (Anil Dash)
Playdate, the upcoming indie handheld gaming console from venerable software publisher Panic, is really important. But if you don't know the history of where the little company behind this little device comes from, it might be hard to understand why this isn't just another random gadget like you might see

Everyone must now have an opinion about Kathy Griffin. Here are the 6 acceptable ones. (mic.com)
After posting a picture of herself with a fake severed Trump head, the comedian has now obligated us all to pay attention to her. That was the point.

America in 2017 is a soul-void with no respite, and all we have left are the “hot takes” we formulate each day to help pass the time, inflicting opinions about a ruling class that we are all powerless to stop onto peers we cannot hope to persuade. The dystopia is now; being angry in front of people is our Thunderdome; we are all going to die.

Everyone is now required to have an opinion about Kathy Griffin: Here are 6 acceptable ones