Finished Reading: Please, Brood X Cicadas, I Beg You, Shut The Fuck Up | Defector

You see Brood X cicadas before you ever hear them. You’d think this would go the other way: Over a period of days you’d hear this approaching, crescendoing drone, and then a cloud of cicadas would darken the horizon, and then one day there would just be cicadas everywhere, the trees would be full of […]

strong agree here

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Finished Reading: I’ve used Android for over 10 years — I’m switching to an iPhone 12 Mini by david.ruddock

Last weekend, I made my way over to the Westfield Century City Mall for a fresh pair of glasses — and an iPhone. I walked over to the Apple Store,

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Finished Reading: Caitlyn Jenner: As Governor, I Will Cancel Cancel Culture And Wake Up The Woke | Defector

Caitlyn Jenner’s role in the culture is not an especially demanding one, which generally seems like a good fit. For many years, she played a sort of goofy comic relief role on a cable reality show about rich Los Angeles people going on vacation and doing Facetime calls. Now, she is a sort of utility […]

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Finished Reading: Every child on their own trampoline

When the country went into lockdown last year and the schools closed, I made a parenting decision. I overturned my previous objections and ordered the kids a trampoline. It has been the source of m…

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Finished Reading: Crowds Are Good by Charlie Warzel

Or: how I feel less alone.

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Finished Reading: Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s director reflects on the trilogy by Cass Marshall

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings the whole RPG trilogy together in one package. Mac Walters worked on the trilogy, and he shared some of his experiences, from writing one of Wrex’s potential deaths, to the Renegade system, to the surprising reaction for Garrus Vakarian.

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Finished Reading: What went wrong with BioShock Infinite’s development by Jason Schreier

An excerpt from Jason Schreier’s book Press Reset investigates what happened behind the scenes of Irrational’s sequel

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