During the primaries, the mild, establishment candidate muscles out a popular challenger from the left, securing their party nomination. This mild candidate is running against an obviously bad one fielded by the other party, self-evidently unable to do the job.

Aforementioned mild candidate then does not worry about creating an affirmative case for themself, and why would they? Their opponent is obviously bad. Much easier to say “wow, doesn’t that guy suck?” than to create plans to help fix the myriad of things that are broken.

This mild candidate does not campaign in battleground states (this time around, because it’s responsible and prudent), instead focused on fundraising from large-money donors.

Polling goes heavy in this candidate’s favor. There is just no way the obviously bad candidate could pull this out. The obviously bad candidate has a brush with his own hubris in early October, solidifying polling through the election.

Getting surprised on election day would be the definition of insanity, right?

How Marion County schools hope to reopen safely by Shari Rudavsky (Indianapolis Star)
Marion County has issued guidance on how to reopen schools safely during the coronavirus pandemic and the new public health order goes into effect on Aug. 6. Here's how it will work. Dwight Adams, dwight.adams@indystar.com

This headline is malpractice. As best I can tell, the expert quotes point to more testing availability possibly increasing the number, different metrics (7-day positivity) being more useful, and college contact tracing plans (?). Like saying "well the flag is really more of a maroon than a red" 😡

irrational anger point of the day: the Tidal review calling Twin Cinema a disappointment, like there’s not at least 3 all-timers here. I get hooks from the non-singles on this album stuck in my head 15 years later, having not listened to anything by this band in months. Try to explain to your spouse why you’re humming something called Jackie Dressed In Cobras, and what it even means. I DON’T KNOW IT’S JUST CATCHY AS HELL