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Of everything you put into social networks, photos are one of the easiest and most rewarding parts to reclaim for your own site. Because we shipped Sunlit 2.2 this week, I want to share a guide for starting a new photo blog that you will actually consistently post to. The first step isn’t technica...

Over the years I’ve become wary aboutΒ new services and silos. But I’ve made an exception forΒ Letterboxd, a social network for sharing your taste in movies. I joined a few months ago, and I am really enjoying the singular focus on a medium that everyone participating really likes.

From a social media standpoint, it seems like a good idea to focus the interactions through a specific lens, to start from a common ground1. I am also a sucker for cataloging things and life-logging. You can follow and heckle my tasteΒ here.

  1. There are always exceptions. ↩