3.33 years after its release, someone actually beat Threes by Chaim Gartenberg (The Verge)
Exactly three and one-third years after mobile puzzle masterpiece Threes released on the app store, Twitter user @ThreesPorn has done what I (and presumably many others) thought was impossible:...

well it’s about time https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2017/6/20/15836462/threes-mobile-puzzle-ios-android-end-high-score-12288-how

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Pokémon I Want To Eat, Ranked (Deadspin)
Pokémon canon appears to ignore the very real issue of carnivory. Is there Pokémon husbandry? Which Pokémon are raised, or hunted, or caught and trapped as food? Can vegetarians eat Bulbasaur? Nintendo has dodged this issue too long. These are the Pokémon I think would be tastiest.

151. Geodude

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The Xbox One Is Garbage And The Future Is Bullshit (Adequate Man)
Here is an embarrassing story about a bad purchase.

I remember my original Xbox eating discs, and a 360 internally hemhorraging and killing its video output. Not entirely sure why I have been loyal to them for so long.

My Xbox One is a DVD player that can also stream Netflix. It is the size of two regular DVD players stacked on top of each other, when it is on it uses as much power as my refrigerator, and it cost as much as a weekend beach vacation, which would have been much nicer

The Xbox One Is Garbage And The Future Is Bullshit

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