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boilermaker, software enthusiast, skilled raconteur, power user, general man-about-town.
drink your juicebox.


i saw this quote yesterday, and didn't even need to see the photo to know what it looked like


I've got $40 for the first Gofundme to purchase Senator Todd Young's browsing history


why stop there? just take the 'HC' out, and call it the American Act


Favorite new aspect of Trump's America: the voice of the resistance and journalistic integrity is Teen Vogue


fun tidbit - could not renew my LetsEncrypt cert until I added memory on my Digital Ocean droplet. 512mb not enough apparently


if I ever want to find out what a soul escaping the body sounds like, I know who to ask


Newt's head on robot body, Sept. 11 2076: "actually osama bin laden was pretty good imho"