selfie of the author with "I Voted" sticker on a Purdue basketball t-shirt

alright another site test

did my civic duty yesterday. also – how about them Boilermakers?

all right, any link under this one?
🫵🎤 is this thing still on?
tried to open Chrome this morning, and it took forever. Closed 3 Office tabs (Outlook, Powerpoint, shared Excel sheet) and regained 1 GB of RAM lol
I understand the concept of Nest’s seasonal savings program. I also know better than a data center whether I would like to my house to be 66 degrees in winter. There is a reason I have never set the temp that low, Google! 🥶
so the soft-touch cameras in these NFL playoff games are just to hide the in-stadium advertisements, right?
kid told me during football game commercials that "Papa John is short for Popper Johnson", and I will never tell him how right he was
literally just knocked this one off the reading list, now we’re having a stupid coup