they started putting all those little plastic ties in action figure boxes after Toy Story came out, so when the toys came alive they wouldn’t escape the box. this has been Craig’s Toy Takes
Cyberpunk running well on Stadia, better than consoles apparently 🎮

Thanks to the Hold Steady for another massive night. So cool to see all the kids at the show with kids of their own

Here’s hoping this whole #mbnov activity will reinforce regular posting for yours truly
Three thousand steps over my average – quite the pedestrian today #mbnov
I’ve slowly come to a realization that without a full lockdown, along with recent spikes and the general political climate, we are going to be wearing masks for years #mbnov
the major dilemma today has been deciding how much Christmas decorating to do #mbnov
There’s been a lot to adjust to this year. I am extremely thankful that our family is doing well, and wish the best to yours 🦃 #mbnov
Should be some fun Thanksgiving calls with family and friends over the next few days #mbnov
Recent provision in our household: the “mom thirty”, where mom gets to tag out for a half hour #mbnov