Internet Explorer is Safer
TIL Microsoft still has this IE splash page up. A bold claim, even for 2014
Nice day at the motor speedway. Got my first jab, then hit 143 mph on my complimentary lap πŸ’‰πŸŽ
OUr bookshelves

#mbfeb day 16: erudite. Not sure how else to capture this other than the family bookshelf (minus most of the kids books)

#mbfeb day 15: reflection. Easy to see myself in the skylight when it is covered in snow

#mbfeb day 14: compassion. Compassion makes it easier to try to do all my work with a mouse, because I can’t lift my arm to type

#mbfeb day 13: make. Our last big make project was this marble run kit (a Christmas gift)


#mbfeb day 12: sporg. My definition will be “that feeling when your clothes don’t fit and there is nothing you can do about it”

#mbfeb day 11: machine. From Festival of Machines at Conner Prairie a couple years ago

#mbfeb day 10: energy. Gets a bit dry here in winter, gotta watch out for static electricity πŸ•βš‘