Best in-person was this game (especially the last 10 seconds):

this will be remembered as a joke, good idea to sign your name on it

started serving myself less food at meals so I can inevitably finish my son’s meal when he gives up in favor of a peanut butter sandwich

tall Old Style and whatever latest fried monstrosity Don has cooked up at DT Kirby’s, Lafayette IN

“Hi there! We kidnapped your family! They’re in this new truck”

“Please let my family go”

“Say something nice about the truck first”

Hey all #digped #doo #ds106 friends is anyone on @ReclaimHosting and publishing to WordPress using a micropub client successfully? Trying to figure out why my header authorization is still messing up my endpoints. by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (

If you do I would love to peek behind the scenes of your site to see where I am going wrong.

I am in the same boat – just moved this domain to WordPress on Reclaim Hosting, header issues with Micropub. I’ve only tried Quill thus far. Not sure if I can offer any technical help, but the problem is not just you 🙂 (

YouTube Music Is Google’s Brand New Spotify Killer →
I think it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of the end for Google Play Music. It’s a shame because I always really liked the Songza integration, the Material Design look of it, and I’ve never been a heavy YouTube user.

@mikedotfm I will miss being able to upload music along side the streaming library, but I guess that is what a Plex server is for