Inspired by nownownow, I’ve started my now page.

Current undertaking(s)

Home matters and world events have sort of put blogging in the back seat. With the latest current events, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out ways to help. This list of bail funds by state helped tremendously.

But here, my current itch (an ongoing one) is looking at various note-taking tools, trying to figure out the best way to digitize my physical notebook collection. Most recent tool used was TiddlyWiki, which inspired me to set up my own commonplace book here. Current apple of my eye is Obsidian, which is all in markdown. This is making me consider a possible move to Blot again…

Current setup

Phone: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (will probably write a post on this soon)

Laptop: Surface Book 2016

Notebook: Field Notes, Vignette edition

Media consumption

Playing: Marvel’s Avengers and NBA 2K20 on Stadia, Stardew Valley on phone

Watching: The Last Dance on Netflix, and Doctor Who rewatch from personal collection (10th Doctor, started in series 2).

Last updated 8 Sept 2020