99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice by Kevin Kelly (The Technium)

I have another birthday, and another bunch of unsolicited advice.    • That thing that made you weird as a kid could make you great as an adult — if you don’t lose it. • If you have any doubt at all

Internet Explorer is Safer
TIL Microsoft still has this IE splash page up. A bold claim, even for 2014
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Nice day at the motor speedway. Got my first jab, then hit 143 mph on my complimentary lap 💉🏎
OUr bookshelves

#mbfeb day 16: erudite. Not sure how else to capture this other than the family bookshelf (minus most of the kids books)

tried to open Chrome this morning, and it took forever. Closed 3 Office tabs (Outlook, Powerpoint, shared Excel sheet) and regained 1 GB of RAM lol

#mbfeb day 15: reflection. Easy to see myself in the skylight when it is covered in snow