I can’t decide anymore. There are so many places to blog now. Varying feature sets keep me from fully locking into one, but I realize that it is pretty hard to follow a blog that keeps moving.

Features WordPress Tumblr Scriptogram Svbtle
Full featured in hosted version No Yes Yes Yes
Themeable Yes Yes Sure… Color?
Stylish (my opinion) meh… Yes Close to it Yes
Markown native in editor No well… Yes Yes
Footnotes1 (Multimarkdown or Markdown Extra2) No No Yes No
Ability to publish from outside Yes Yes Can only do this No…?

These services are obviously all trying to do different things. Tumblr is more social and doesn’t do as well for longform posts. WordPress is the everything box that doesn’t excel at anything. Scriptogram is as simple as a text file in your Dropbox. Svbtle is new and pretty but missing a couple of key features (for me, anyways).

These two new ones have caught my eye, and if the one gets better looking or the other adds MultiMarkdown, pilchernet may have a new home.

  1. I love footnotes. I blame Chuck Klosterman (who probably got them from David Foster Wallace).
  2. Both of these are indispensable (well, you need at least one). I made that table in 10 seconds, and formatted it in another 5 seconds, just stream of consciousness. Not possible in HTML.

I am battling with how to write a blog post without dropping into the mundane details of everyday life. It is something we have all become aware of with the rise in social media. There are people that inherently know how to use it, and there are people who do not. It is an ongoing internal struggle for me to grok this. It is probably why I started this blog.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that guy that puts up 14 pictures of the omelet he just made for breakfast. And that is not just a “do unto others…” thing; it mostly stems from the feeling that I don’t have much important to say. I don’t text friends or family out of the blue, even really good friends. I’m good at returning email, but not initiating the conversation.

So, before this post ends up eating itself, get to the point. That is why this blog was started. See if inspiration can be wrung from the person described above. Or, not even inspiration — just content. Balancing sparse entries with insight. Learning to make fingers type sentence good. Creating.