Finished Reading: What Fresh Hell Awaits Us Now? | Defector

The president, we all know, is leaving today. He’s already gotten onto the helicopter and flown away from the White House, and if I never see his face again in my whole life it will be too soon.

Finished Reading: How We Coped With Quarantine In 2020 | Defector

This how the Defector staff got through quarantine this year. Buying And Selling Sneakers In my hands was an orange-red shoebox with the Nike swoosh on it. The sticker on the side identified the contents inside: AIR TECH CHALLENGE II ANN QS. That means they were both an anniversary edition—the 20th anniversary, in fact—and a […]

How We Got Here (Defector)

Welcome to Defector, an employee-owned sports and culture website brought to you by the former staffers of Deadspin. Let me tell you who we are, and how we got here.

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