The XFL Is Remembering Guys At An Alarming Rate (Deadspin)

The XFL Draft starts today at 10 a.m. Eastern, and it might actually be worth checking in on, because it sounds bananas. There are going to be 71 rounds! Teams get only 90 seconds between picks! It’ll be done via conference call, and if you work in an office you know those never work. This font’s italics don’t slant far enough to the right to emphasize what pure chaos this might be!

Does watching the NFL make you evil? | Jeb Lund by Jeb Lund (the Guardian)

Jeb Lund: Given its attitude toward women and racism, the health of its players and the economy, it’s a wonder we remain fans at all

If America has a secular religion, it is probably the National Football League, if only for the happening-on-Sunday thing and the ritual consumption of alcohol and breads….

Does watching the NFL make you evil?
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