#mbfeb day 15: reflection. Easy to see myself in the skylight when it is covered in snow

#mbfeb day 14: compassion. Compassion makes it easier to try to do all my work with a mouse, because I can’t lift my arm to type

#mbfeb day 13: make. Our last big make project was this marble run kit (a Christmas gift)


#mbfeb day 12: sporg. My definition will be “that feeling when your clothes don’t fit and there is nothing you can do about it”

#mbfeb day 11: machine. From Festival of Machines at Conner Prairie a couple years ago

they started putting all those little plastic ties in action figure boxes after Toy Story came out, so when the toys came alive they wouldn’t escape the box. this has been Craig’s Toy Takes

Start of Christmas vs. end of Christmas

trained my kid to login and start Portal 2… what have I done #mbnov
Keep reminding myself we are extraordinarily fortunate to be where we are today, despite everything being so far from normal #mbnov