Seems like this spooky prompt is about 2 weeks late haha #mbnov
Boilers over Cavs, 69-40. Revenge is a dish best served at 112 db at home 🏀🚂
looks like we’re doing this Stadia thing 🎮
new glasses day


Trust the process – Increment: Teams (Increment)

Though they run on a mixture of paper and lore, effective editorial organizations ship like clockwork. Can engineering teams learn from their enduring processes?

This is a very interesting take on the work increment. In automotive, it works much more like the media side than the software side, with hard-and-fast deadlines
in the middle of an extended period of time where I have more incoming work and tasks than accomplished/complete tasks… having trouble seeing the end of the tunnel. at least it’s Friday 📥📈
got the invite yesterday, and tried out Project xCloud today… wondering if they are trying to get a before Stadia rolls out in earnest.

15 minute review: the future is now ❎🎮

i’m loving the wild area in sword/shield. feels like how the NPCs have described the world of Pokemon for the last 20 years 🕹
might screw around and rank every Hold Steady song this weekend. this idea came to me in a dream
like 24 hours late to this, but damn UE 🏀⛹🏻‍♂️
🕴️ this is the closest emoji for "purple ace"