Here’s hoping this whole #mbnov activity will reinforce regular posting for yours truly
Three thousand steps over my average – quite the pedestrian today #mbnov
I’ve slowly come to a realization that without a full lockdown, along with recent spikes and the general political climate, we are going to be wearing masks for years #mbnov
the major dilemma today has been deciding how much Christmas decorating to do #mbnov
There’s been a lot to adjust to this year. I am extremely thankful that our family is doing well, and wish the best to yours πŸ¦ƒ #mbnov
Should be some fun Thanksgiving calls with family and friends over the next few days #mbnov
Recent provision in our household: the “mom thirty”, where mom gets to tag out for a half hour #mbnov
In an attempt to capture my content, I spent all day working on parsing Indieweb content in WordPress export files. How time flies when your figuring out regular expressions #mbnov
finally some PTO from work, building a list if things to do that is bordering on to long to accomplish #mbnov
I worry people will travel this week, and we will lose the winter #mbnov