YouTube Music will now come preinstalled on Android devices by Chris Welch (The Verge)

A big step in the move away from Google Play Music.

"But the company has lagged in bringing over user uploads and libraries from GPM to YouTube Music, and people are unwilling to make the switch until that migration has proven successful."
Julian Casablancas is on a top-secret mission to wake up the sheeple (News)

When last we checked in with Strokes and Voidz frontman Julian Casablancas, he was prying open your third eye in an interview with Vulture, during which he radiated the dismissive intellectual superiority of a college freshman who just discovered Howard Zinn. (Actual quote: “Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States was another life-changer. That book is kind of like Howard Zinn. It’s all kind of snowballed, and now I feel like things are crystal clear to me, so I’m going to be clearer.”) He also made several references to a broader culture war, compared to which his unique brand of New Wave-influenced indie rock was but a mere distraction:

@mattcutts The Hold Steady – Separation Sunday
The Moana soundtrack is good, right? Do I have Stockholm syndrome? This may be a cry for help

Being a parent is scary. Starting from essentially a blank slate, you are required to take a new human life, keep it alive, and teach it to function in society. Before #fatherhood, I never considered the now-daunting concept of teaching someone with a 50-75 word vocabulary how to use a toilet.

But there is a reason people do it, outside of Darwinian survival. That fear and self-doubt is the entry fee for some of the most rewarding experiences I can think of. Kids pick up things you don’t, or that you demonstrate unintentionally. And they know what they like, and form these opinions far earlier than I initially expected.

So when our toddler asked unprompted to play “my house” during dinner, my heart exploded with joy. Usually, song requests in our house involve wheels on buses, or rain going away, or some variation on a standard that stars Elmo. But during our drive-time commute dance parties, I control the radio. And I understood immediately that this request was for Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, the first track from the eponymous debut of LCD Soundsystem. The seed is now taking root.

So I want to thank James Murphy for teaching my son how to say the following words and phrases:

  • huh-OW-OW! (the open)
  • my house
  • ropes
  • cases
  • garage
  • set them up (ooo ooo ye-ah)
  • SOLO!
  • let them go!

If you would like to celebrate with me, here is a link to the album version:

I risk a todder fit if I switch it up, but I prefer the live cut:

song stuck in my head today: that Janelle Monae song from Sesame Street

And the winner of the halftime show is… Janelle Monae, in a stunning upset. Runners up are Missy Elliot and Jason Schwartzman

Too soon, Audi. Too soon #bowie #SB50