I’ve been delinquent in sharing updates about Pappy. Here is the latest.

Pappy lives in a house made of windows. He got sucked up in a tornado and went to space to get away.

March 10

Pappy taught me how to turn my pajamas inside out. He is a real cool science teacher. He taught me everything about how to be a ninja.

March 11

Pappy played Legend of Zelda with me when I was 2. He was the big guy with the fists at the volcano (Goron) and I was Zelda. It was a 2 player game.

March 11

It has become a pattern that Pappy invents his own stuff and has repeated run-ins with tornadoes. More to come…

Our kid is in imaginary friend stage. The thing is, his imaginary friend is named Pappy. Pappy is his other dad.

Pappy is constantly one-upping us, his actual parents. Pappy lives on a lake with his pet shark, Hammy. Pappy’s house is a little bigger than our new house, but “not as big as a building. It’s like 68 meters tall.”

Very matter-of-fact, as I was walking out of his room after saying goodnight, he called me back to tell me something. “I need you to go tell Mommy this: Pappy robbed a bank and then he had to go to jail. Ok, goodnight Dad.”

Anyway, watch this space for further Pappy updates, to find out how he has humiliated us this time.