Rebble with a Cause: How Pebble Watches Were Granted an Amazing Afterlife by an author

In the early summer of 2018, you could buy an Apple Watch with built-in GPS, wireless payments, and speakers that buzz water out after a swim. Meanwhile, Katharine Berry was hustling to keep five-year-old watches with black and white screens alive.
Berry had worked for Pebble, maker of the first not…

I hope this isn’t Fitbit’s new smartwatch (The Verge)

Fitbit's rumored smartwatch is supposed to be available by the holiday season, which means we should not only have an official idea of what the device looks like soon, but also lots of leaks along…

Fitbit acquired and apparently learned nothing from its design team.

I hope this isnโ€™t Fitbitโ€™s new smartwatch โ€“ The Verge