2020/03/27 15:46

A Day in America Without Child Care (Slate Magazine)

Here’s a collective timeline of one recent Thursday, from parents all around the country.

We’re all living this at the moment. The takeaway for me is our current economic system is at best unfavorable to having a family (at worst, actively hostile). Everyone in this article had their name changed, but not their job title.

2020/03/26 18:10

Hello Steve | Field Notes (Field Notes)

We figured since we all have time on our hands these days, it would be fun to get to know each other a little better and also give away some cool stuff.

I love these, will try to put my own out tomorrow (and let someone else get the Workshop Companion – got mine on the shelf already).

2020/03/26 15:30

Want to Read: Opinion | A Cruel Motive for a Costly Delay (nytimes.com)

Republican senators threatened to block trillions of dollars in aid amid the coronavirus pandemic to deprive low-wage workers of needed help.

(It is worth noting that the senators moralizing about welfare benefits made no objection to bailing out companies that had failed to manage their business prudently.)

rack ’em

2020/03/25 00:55