I only have a bit to add to the correct notion here that 2020 is not worth recapping. I was extraordinarily fortunate and lucky over the past year. I got a new job, and no one in my immediate bubble has caught the plague going around. I was able to chronicle how different everything was.

The only thing to add to this notion is a general, simmering rage that has been building since March. From forcing everything to reopen, to brand new kindergarten students having to learn over Zoom calls, to seeing other countries able to hold large gatherings in the fall, to watching helplessly as doses of the miraculous vaccination expire, unused. My trust in basically everyone currently in a position of power is gone, unlikely to be repaired. Little acts along the way help, but I am not sure the rage will ever subside.

I will think about other little acts while I go noodle around some more with TiddlyWiki.

I’ve slowly come to a realization that without a full lockdown, along with recent spikes and the general political climate, we are going to be wearing masks for years #mbnov
There’s been a lot to adjust to this year. I am extremely thankful that our family is doing well, and wish the best to yours πŸ¦ƒ #mbnov
taking guesses at the date of the next lockdown… sooner rather than later #mbnov
Best part of working from home has been not worrying about what to wear #mbnov
I am looking forward to visiting our elderly relatives when this pandemic is under control #mbnov