Finished Reading: What Fresh Hell Awaits Us Now? | Defector

The president, we all know, is leaving today. He’s already gotten onto the helicopter and flown away from the White House, and if I never see his face again in my whole life it will be too soon.

Finished Reading: There Is No Alternative | Defector

“I’m the one that brought back football, by the way,” Donald Trump said during the first presidential debate, as part of an answer that initially appeared to be headed someplace else. “I brought back Big Ten football. It was me and I’m very happy to do it. The people of Ohio are very proud of […]

Finished Reading: American Psycho

Jared Kushner—climber, sycophant, snob—is the perfect avatar of elite incompetence for our times.

Finished Reading: Through the Obamagate

The push-and-pull relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News is not new—and not news. His Twitter account has been a sort of rolling recap of the network’s programming for years. It’s no stretch to say that he owes his political career to switching his daily viewing from Access Hollywood to Fox & Friends.  The symbiosis […]