During the primaries, the mild, establishment candidate muscles out a popular challenger from the left, securing their party nomination. This mild candidate is running against an obviously bad one fielded by the other party, self-evidently unable to do the job.

Aforementioned mild candidate then does not worry about creating an affirmative case for themself, and why would they? Their opponent is obviously bad. Much easier to say “wow, doesn’t that guy suck?” than to create plans to help fix the myriad of things that are broken.

This mild candidate does not campaign in battleground states (this time around, because it’s responsible and prudent), instead focused on fundraising from large-money donors.

Polling goes heavy in this candidate’s favor. There is just no way the obviously bad candidate could pull this out. The obviously bad candidate has a brush with his own hubris in early October, solidifying polling through the election.

Getting surprised on election day would be the definition of insanity, right?

Congratulations, President-Elect, and best of luck in your two (2) court dates before your inauguration.

Congratulations to white people. You have proven your point, and we must all live with the consequences. I believe it was Maya Angelou that said “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Condolences to Secretary Clinton on a hard fought campaign. I have never respected the cost of wanting to use a single phone for personal and work emails until now.

Shout out to the electoral college for exposing our expertly rigged system, identified by the GOP president-elect. I bet this is one of the first things he addresses when taking office.

Shout out to Antonin Scalia for gutting the Voting Rights Act and then dying, steering the boat towards and then tripling the size of the iceberg. I’m sure the Honorable Peter Thiel will keep your legacy alive for the next 275 years before dying of vampire-related causes.

(Related: Shout out to the 46.9% of the electorate that could not find a way to show up to the polls.)

Congratulations to our future presidential cabinet. Chris “Bridges” Christie. Newt “Moon Base” Gingrich. Rudy “I forgot 9/11 even though it’s kind of my thing” Guiliani. I am sure you all will have our best interests in mind.

Apologies to folks who are not straight white men, whom this will affect disproportionately, as it always has. I will try to be here for you, but if it is too much, I hear Vancouver is lovely.

Shout out to the Chicago Cubs, for siphoning off the extremely limited supply of karma for the year 2016, and taking an advance on the next 4 years.

As always, all glory to Mother Russia.

Let the self-fulfilling prophecy be fulfilled. America has signaled to itself and the entire world that we are not exceptional, and are no longer great. Time to get to work.