Yesterday was my last day at Delphi Technologies. It was my first real job out of college.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It was challenging and fulfilling, starting in test automation for embedded systems, and ending as a product owner on a cross-functional development team. As with any rewarding endeavor, I constantly went back and forth between “I need to leave this place” and “I’m going to retire here.” Ended up going with the first one, but I got nine years of experience and friendships to show for it.

It was bittersweet. I am simultaneously excited for the future, and sad to leave my coworkers (if any of you find this – Hi! I have a blog). I wish them all the best – they are well equipped for the challenges ahead.

I accepted a job offer to return to software testing – this time on web and consumer-facing applications. That was two weeks ago, and now there is a high possibility that my onboarding Monday will be remote. Pandemics move fast. Still extremely excited, with that twinge of apprehension that comes with speeding toward the unknown.

To new beginnings.