new beginnings

Yesterday was my last day at Delphi Technologies. It was my first real job out of college.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It was challenging and fulfilling, starting in test automation for embedded systems, and ending as a product owner on a cross-functional development team. As with any rewarding endeavor, I constantly went back and forth between “I need to leave this place” and “I’m going to retire here.” Ended up going with the first one, but I got nine years of experience and friendships to show for it.

It was bittersweet. I am simultaneously excited for the future, and sad to leave my coworkers (if any of you find this – Hi! I have a blog). I wish them all the best – they are well equipped for the challenges ahead.

I accepted a job offer to return to software testing – this time on web and consumer-facing applications. That was two weeks ago, and now there is a high possibility that my onboarding Monday will be remote. Pandemics move fast. Still extremely excited, with that twinge of apprehension that comes with speeding toward the unknown.

To new beginnings.

2019/12/04 03:20

What is a startup? by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller

I hear a lot of complaints along the lines of: “isn’t a startup just a small business?”
The simple answer is: no. Many small businesses will remain small, often by design. In contrast, a startup is an early stage business that is looking for a way to grow. As Steve Blank famously put it:
A startup i…

going to pull this out the next time upper management tells us "we’re in startup mode"

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